PDO Moselle Wines,
a story of passionate men and women

"Moselle", or "Moselle wine", is a French wine with a controlled designation of origin.
It is the northernmost vineyard in France.

When you say “Moselle”, “vines” are not necessarily the first things that come to mind. Yet, the County’s history used to be closely entwined with viticulture despite a succession of events that diminished its importance over the centuries. Reconquering viticulture in Moselle is a challenge fuelled by the determination of men and women working together to bring Moselle Wines back to life.


Domaine des Hattes

André L'Huillier,
Making wine, a tradition handed down from father to son

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Domaine Château de Vaux

Norbert MOLOZAY, President of the Moselle PDO for 3 years

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