Terroir Moselle

Terroir Moselle is a joint initiative created by producers, institutional and tourism bodies from European Moselle vineyard areas in France, Luxembourg, and Germany. These bodies endeavour to promote the variety of terroirs on which these high-quality wines thrive, by revealing the shared know-how and history dating back to Roman times.
Four protected denominations cover the European Moselle Valley area. In France, the PDO Côtes de Toul is located on the north and south-facing slopes of the city of Toul. The new PDO Moselle includes vines in various municipalities starting in Metz and going all the way up to the Three-Border area. The Luxembourgish Moselle denomination covers the area from Schengen to Wasserbillig along the border with Germany and is the only vineyard area in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. On the other side of the valley, the Mosel denomination starts in Perl and then runs along the valley up to the confluence of the Rhine in Koblenz. This denomination crosses two regions, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. There is without a doubt a wine to suit everyone’s taste from this fine and varied selection. Take your pick from Toul’s Vin Gris made with Gamay grapes, or dry and sweet Rieslings grown on the German Moselle shale slopes. You can also try some Upper Moselle region Elblings and PDO Moselle pinots, as well as the well-known Luxembourgish crémant. Come and take a look at the range of wines produced by the European Moselle Valley wine producers.

This project is coordinated by Terroir Moselle and has enabled us to promote the area’s architecture thanks to the cellars and wine-producing municipalities along the Moselle Valley. “Via Mosel,” as it ended up being called, has enabled a board of experts to select interesting architectural structures from applications to take part in the project. For the moment, 4 wine-producing estates and several municipalities in Moselle and the area around Toul have applied alongside 17 Luxembourgish and 37 German candidates. The selected towns and buildings are listed on the website and the Facebook page created and managed by Terroir Moselle. A photographer also spent many long months taking photos of each structure and municipality. Terroir Moselle also took part in a training course for guides on the topic of “Wines and architecture” as it became apparent that guides trained in wine tourism in Lorraine were few and far between.

LEADER funding notably helped prepare the Terroir Moselle project (which then received Interreg funding), by laying down the outlines of the project and its partners.

“The project is co-financed by the European Union with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2014-2020 GAL Ouest PNRL Leader program as part of the “support for inter-territorial and transnational cooperation” scheme”.


Joint Communication (to come)